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The number of rooms in your house adds to the entire property value. Adding a room or two to your house premises not only ensures the best return on investment, but it transforms and beautifies your house.

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A room addition is not always about profit and value, but it adds more beauty and potential to your living heaven. You cannot settle for mundane services when it concerns your home. You must choose one of the most reputed remodeling contractors who can meet your demands and requirements with unmatched commitment and dedication to add rooms to your house as you have envisioned.

When you feel like adding one or two extra rooms to your house premises, opt for Barcci Builders, which has the best craftsmen, upgraded tools and equipment, years of experience to transform your ideas into reality. Our professionals will inform you about every remodeling step in the room addition plan through clear communication.

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What Makes Us Different?

Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver

Our professionals value your time and money. Barcci Builders room addition services will bring change in your household appearance and add more value to your place. The knowledge and experience of the construction experts can be seen in the room designs and patterns.

Highest Standards in Cost Control

Our skilled professionals offer absolute high-quality services at an affordable cost. In the budget phase, the designers, architects, engineers, and contractors discuss about the probable cost required to finish the room addition project with fineness. We charge less than the contemporary competitors yet meet all customer demands.

Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction

We keep customer satisfaction in first position. On-time project completion is our special feature, making us different from our contemporaries. We make sure the services provided by our professionals and the use of tools and materials, make the customers satisfied and happy.

Our Room Remodelling Process


Adding extra rooms to your home premises makes your living place accommodate more members. Sometimes, we feel a sense of emptiness in the house structure or we might require more rooms than we already have. So if you already have some space within the home space, why not create a room or two! When you decide to add rooms to your house, make sure you appoint the best professional home remodeling companies to fill up the empty space with beauty. Without a doubt, planning carries major significance in room addition projects.

At this stage, the designers create room plans and ask for clients' approval.

After the design is approved, the project proceeds towards the budgeting phase. Our project team professionals determine a rough budget plan before beginning the room addition plan. The company contractors will evaluate your home space and fix the budget based on the data. All materials and equipment come under the entire budget calculation.

Clients must remember the cost might fluctuate later due to many reasons. There might be a sudden price rise in the economy, leading to a high construction cost. Homeowners must be prepared to bear the extra expenses if needed. Our core objective is to offer supreme quality remodeling projects to clients at the lowest possible rate.

Demolition is one integral part of a construction project. Site demolition means the elimination of components that create obstacles in the planned design program. The contractors may have to demolish a concrete structure or vegetation to vacate the space. After demolition, the space is ready for new construction. Our experts make sure the demolition won't damage your house in any way. The use of high-quality materials and upgraded tools will make your home sturdy.

You need to trust our skilled professionals who have acquired years of experience in remodeling houses or constructing new rooms with fineness and intricacy. As the demolition is over, we proceed to the construction phase.

Room addition, Los Gatos is an interesting yet challenging task for the remodeling experts. Adding rooms to your home ground does not mean filling up the empty space with rooms. The rooms’ designs and shapes need to get into sync with the house structure, and it must not make the ambiance stuffy. Our construction experts will help you reconstruct your house the right way. A strong foundation is vital for the respective rooms.

The supply of the best materials and equipment by our team offers an excellent customer experience. Construction is the crux of the entire project and we offer the best efforts to make your dreams transform into reality.

Clean up process is another specialty service offered by us at the end of the project. After completing the construction, our team of professionals cleans up your living space to make it inhabitable. The health of you and your family members is a top priority for us. For this reason, we thought of providing the cleanup services. The post-construction cleanup services offered by Barcci Builders are,

  • Cleaning the floor, walls, and ceiling
  • Mopping and sanitizing the floors
  • Vacuuming the space
  • Clean the doors, windows, hardware, switchboards, baseboards, etc.
  • Wipe down the interior
  • Dusting the fixtures, fans, vents, etc.
  • Remove trash and dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Renovation California

Room addition refers to the process where one or two rooms are built up in the empty or extra space within your home premises.

The budget depends on project size & service quality.

The time frame depends on whether you want one, two, or three rooms to build in the free space.

Absolutely! Room addition enhances your property value if you put it for sale in future.

You must opt for Barcci Builders and appoint the experts’ team to work on your room addition project.