Landscaping and Exterior

Landscaping and Exterior

Ready to Begin A Landscaping And Exterior Project?

Are you up to beautify your house with landscape and hardscape designs? Barcci Builders professionals have acquired top-class expertise and skills in offering brilliant hardscape and landscape services with years of experience.

Our Landscaping And Exterior Project

Barcci Builders remodeling company professionals deliver excellent landscape and hardscape ideas and ideas and services depending on the customer demand and requirements. From sowing up plants to set up water sprinklers to laying the artificial grass carpet to creating pathways, we offer every kind of landscape service with insightful planning and excellent ideas.

Our experts transform your ideas of beauty into reality in the space of your house. Along with this, we focus on setting up beautiful hardscape installations to add more beauty and value to your home outdoor. Our hardscape services range from stucco, pool creation, tile, pavers to outdoor kitchens, garages, fencing, etc. Our professionals pay heed to the minute details given by the clients and bring the best result out of the best potential.

Landscaping And Exterior California

What Makes Us Different?

Top Quality Service

The Barcci Builders professionals value your time and money. The bathroom remodeling services provided by us will bring change to your household appearance. The knowledge and experience of the renovation experts can be seen in the project styles and patterns.

Standard Service at Budget-friendly Cost

Our skilled professionals offer absolute high-quality services at an affordable cost. In the budgeting phase only, the designers, architects, engineers, and contractors discuss the probable cost required to complete the project. Our services cost less than the contemporary competitors yet we meet all customer demands.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. On-time delivery is our special feature, making us different from our contemporaries. We make sure the services provided by our professionals and the use of tools and materials, make the customers satisfied and happy.

Our Landscaping and Exterior Process


With so many ideas flowing simultaneously, it is not an easy task to settle for one. Our experts prefer to blend their expertise with the clients' vision to make the design fanciful yet realistic. The first step to begin with the remodeling project is to plan the landscape and hardscape design. If you feel that the home lacks a specific aspect that can be compensated with apt hardscape and landscape remodeling ideas, it is our pleasure to offer you the service.

The clients must make sure to find the best remodeling companies among the existing ones in the current market and appoint them to handle the project.

After the planning gets approved by the clients, the project paves its way towards the budget section. Budget is one of the most serious reasons why clients often back off from the remodeling idea. The main objective of Barcci Builders is to offer the best customer experience, so we prefer offering the best services at the most affordable rate. At this phase, the company contractors, engineers, and architects evaluate the space to be designed and fix the budget based on the landscape and hardscape designs.

 The entire project cost will depend on which fixtures you choose to decorate your home.

Demolition is integral to any remodeling project. The demolition process includes removing the elements that might create a disturbance on the way to the final design plan. The contractors need to eliminate every section, be it concrete or vegetation, to vacate the space to create new designs. Barcci Builders experts make sure your house won't get damaged in any way during the demolition period.

You can completely opt for us to avail of the hardscape and landscape services by our trusted and skilled professionals, as they have acquired years of experience in adorning homes with subtlety and intricacy. After complete demolition, we proceed to the construction and installation phase.

Construction of hardscape and landscape designs gets a flawless look in the hands of our experts. Our professionals purchase supreme quality materials depending on the budget. We take the responsibility to turn your visualization of outdoor home designs into a real-time experience. The technical artisans will transform the ideas into reality. Our professionals will rebuild your outdoor space with brilliant landscape and hardscape designs to enable the clients to enjoy their time being in the front yard or backyard of their houses.

You can choose any construction services from ambient bars to ledge loungers by our construction experts. We give the best efforts in the Las Gatos landscape and hardscape projects to make your dreams come true.

Clean up process is a classic service feature making us distinct from the other contemporary companies. After completing the construction, our team of construction and design professionals cleans up the outdoor space to offer it a brand new look. Due to the health concern for the clients, our professionals opt to deliver this additional service. The post-construction and installation clean up services offered by Barcci Builders are,

  • Cleaning the floors and walls
  • Mopping and sanitizing the ground
  • Vacuuming the space
  • Clean the doors, windows, fixtures, hardware, etc.
  • Wipe down the inner walls
  • Dusting the fixtures to make them ready for use
  • Remove all trash and debris

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! Our professionals will offer you an approximate budget idea in the budgeting phase that comes after planning.

The time frame depends on the project plan. Our experts will make it clear in the initial stages only.

Again it depends on the project size, time, and many other factors. The fixtures will charge extra.

Planning comes first. If the planning goes wrong, it will make the clients repent later.

To avail of services associated with hardscape and landscape designs, opt for Barcci Builders without a doubt.